Yellow Tag Auctions
Auction# 90207F Electrical Contractor Equipment & Supplies Located in Spartanburg, SC - Thursday February 7, 2019 Lots Will Begin to Close at 11:00 AM ET

Item Description


If you have any questions prior to the auction, contact us at or (864)461-2400
Tag: 0000
90207F001.Lot of Compression Fittings
Tag: 138574
90207F002.10' Ladder
Tag: 138697
90207F003.Lot of (2) Assorted Tools
(1) Sears Craftsmen 8" Drill Press
(1) Delta 6" Bench Grinder
Tag: 138845
90207F004.RIDGID Model 141 2-1/2 to 4 Threader Die
Tag: 138604
90207F005.Securall 30-Gallon Flammable Storage Cabinet
Model No. A130
Tag: 138850
90207F006.DeWalt Jigsaw
Tag: 138550
90207F007.Lot of (3) Antique Hand Trucks
Tag: 138510
90207F008.Lot of (4) Barrell Dollies
Tag: 138511
90207F009.Burndy Y750 Hydraulic Compression Tool with Dies
Tag: 138575
90207F010.Lot of (10) Rolls of 1/2" Poly Banding
Tag: 138513
90207F011.Lot of (2) Heavy Duty Transport Dollies
9" Base
4 1/2" Wheels
Tag: 138562
90207F012.Wheel Barrow
Tag: 138621
90207F013.Hand Truck
Tag: 138653
90207F014.Lot of (3) Chain Hoists and (2) Straps
Tag: 138684
90207F015.Genie Z-34/22 Boom Lift
6,495 Hours
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138721
90207F016.Lot of Assorted Power Tool Boxes
Tag: 138521
90207F017.Lot of (2) Metal Carts
Tag: 138502
90207F018.Ridgid Model 161 4 to 6 Threader Die
Tag: 138606
90207F019.Lot of Battery Tools, Chargers, and Batteries
Tag: 138532
90207F020.Lot of (2) Metal Carts
Tag: 138503
90207F021.Greenlee 1818 Mechanical Bender Set w/Dies
Tag: 138607
90207F022.Lot of Misc. Tools
Tag: 138533
90207F023.Lot of (2) Plastic Carts
Tag: 138504
90207F024.Basnik Material Cart
Tag: 138646
90207F025.Lot of (2) Pedestal Fans
Tag: 138719
90207F026.Lot of (2) Hand Benders
Tag: 138608
90207F027.Lot of Grease Guns
Tag: 138534
90207F028.Lot of (2) Plastic Carts
Tag: 138506
90207F029.Lot of (2) Hand Benders
Tag: 138609
90207F030.Lot of Misc. Tools
Tag: 138535
90207F031.Lot of (2) Plastic Carts
Tag: 138507
90207F032.Lot of (4) Hand Benders
Tag: 138610
90207F033.Lot of (3) Drills
Tag: 138540
90207F034.Lot of (2) Carts
Tag: 138508
90207F035.Lot of Misc. Dies
Tag: 138612
90207F036.Milwaukee Demolition Hammer
Tag: 138541
90207F037.Lot of (2) Plastic Carts
Tag: 138509
90207F038.Lot of Misc. Dies
Tag: 138613
90207F039.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138542
90207F040.Lot of (2) Carts
Tag: 138518
90207F041.Enerpac Hydraulic Bender w/Dies
Tag: 138615
90207F042.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138543
90207F043.Toyota Propane Forklift
Model No. 02-5FG30
S/N: 75644
Truck Weight: 10,740 lbs
Capacity: 5,800 lbs
Pneumatic Tires
Max Lift Height: 185"
48" Forks
4,398 Hours
Serviced: 12/2018
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138722
90207F044.Lot of (2) Carts
Tag: 138522
90207F045.Lot of (2) Hand Benders
Tag: 138616
90207F046.Cable Cutter
Tag: 138544
90207F047.Wire Cart
Tag: 138639
90207F048.Greenlee 1801 Mechanic Bender
Tag: 138617
90207F049.Rolatape Rollins Tape Measure
Tag: 138545
90207F050.Wire Cart
Tag: 138640
90207F051.Lot of (2) Hand Benders
Tag: 138618
90207F052.Black and Decker Cordless Drill
Tag: 138546
90207F053.Wire Cart
Tag: 138641
90207F054.Greenlee 1801 Mechanic Bender
Tag: 138619
90207F055.Powerblade Cable Cutter
Tag: 138547
90207F056.Wire Cart
Tag: 138642
90207F057.Lot of (4) Hand Benders
Tag: 138620
90207F058.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Electric Drill
Tag: 138548
Tag: 138648
90207F060.Lot of Plastic Sheeting and Safety Fence
Tag: 138623
90207F061.DeWalt Jigsaw
Tag: 138549
90207F062.Hose Cart
Tag: 138650
90207F063.Greenlee Model 881 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bender with Dies
Tag: 138624
90207F064.Bosch Cordless Drill
Tag: 138551
90207F065.Material Cart
Tag: 138651
90207F066.Greenlee Model 884 Hydraulic Rigid Conduit Bender with Dies
Tag: 138625
90207F067.Lot of Knockout Punch + Dies
Tag: 138553
90207F068.Lot of (2) Wire Carts
Tag: 138652
90207F069.Club Car Golf Cart
Batteries Not Included
Tag: 138707
90207F070.Greenlee 1800 Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138626
90207F071.Lot of Assorted Test Equipment
Includes Hipotronics Model 800PL Hipot DC Insulation Tester - Up to 80KV
Tag: 138554
90207F072.Material Cart
Tag: 138655
90207F073.Lidsen Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138627
90207F074.Hilti DX 460 Fastener Gun w/ X-PT
460 Extension
Tag: 138558
90207F075.Material Cart
Tag: 138656
90207F076.Pipe Stand
Tag: 138628
90207F077.Hitachi Cordless Drill
Tag: 138559
90207F078.Material Cart
Tag: 138660
90207F079.Greenlee 855 Smart Bender
Tag: 138629
90207F080.Bosch Cordless Drill
Tag: 138560
90207F081.Material Cart
Tag: 138708
90207F082.Greenlee 1800 Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138630
90207F083.Lot of (3) Torque Wrenches
Tag: 138563
90207F084.Material Cart
Tag: 138709
90207F085.Greenlee 1800 Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138631
90207F086.Greenlee 746 Hydraulic Knockout Set
Tag: 138564
90207F087.Metal Cart and Tristand Base
Tag: 138729
90207F088.Greenlee 855 Smart Bender
Tag: 138633
90207F089.Lot of (3) DeWalt Cordless Drills
Tag: 138567
90207F090.Antique Frigidaire Building Air Condition Compressor
Tag: 138552
90207F091.Greenlee 1800 Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138634
90207F092.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138568
90207F093.Craftsman 25 Gallon Portable Air Compressor
Tag: 138637
90207F094.Greenlee 1800 Mechanical Bender
Tag: 138635
90207F095.Cushman Titan Electric Cart
Model No. SOBR
Batteries Not Included
Tag: 138710
90207F096.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138569
Tag: 138659
90207F098.Werner 10' Ladder w/ 5' Extension
Tag: 138698
90207F099.DeWalt Cordless Drill
Tag: 138570
90207F100.Blower on Stand
Tag: 138661
90207F101.Lot of (3) Werner Scaffold Planks
Tag: 138699
90207F102.Lot of (4) Fish Tape Reels
Tag: 138571
90207F103.Lot of Heaters
Tag: 138687
90207F104.8' Ladder
Tag: 138700
90207F105.Bosch Bulldog HP Drill
Tag: 138573
90207F106.Lot of (3) Extension Cords
Tag: 138526
90207F107.10' Ladder
Tag: 138701
90207F108.Brother Label Printer
Includes Assorted Labels
Tag: 138576
90207F109.Lot of Extension Cords
Tag: 138529
90207F110.12' Ladder
Tag: 138702
90207F111.Lot of (2) Pipe Wrenches
Tag: 138578
90207F112.Lot of (3) Gas Cans
Tag: 138538
90207F113.6' Ladder
Tag: 138703
90207F114.Lot of Assorted Extension Cord Breakers
Tag: 138579
90207F115.David White Level Transit amd Tristand
Tag: 138557
90207F116.6' Ladder
Tag: 138704
90207F117.Lot of DeWalt Cordless Tools
Includes: Drill, Saw, and Light
Tag: 138580
90207F118.Lot of (2) ID Pro Printers
Tag: 138577
90207F119.6' Ladder
Tag: 138705
90207F120.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138581
90207F121.Cusman Minute Miser 3-Wheel Electric Cart
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138713
90207F122.55-Gallon Drum Liquid Separator and Rolling Lift Stand
Tag: 138644
90207F123.6' Ladder
Tag: 138706
90207F124.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138582
90207F125.Aluminum Stairs w/ Platform
35" Platform Height
Tag: 138654
90207F126.Antique Craftsman Lawnmower
Tag: 138572
90207F127.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138583
90207F128.Lot of (3) Work Benches
Tag: 138666
90207F129.Flowtron Leaf Eater
Tag: 138622
90207F130.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138584
90207F131.Lot of Approx. (35) Assorted Circuit Breakers
30A - 350A
Tag: 138673
90207F132.Toro Z Master Zero Turn Radius Mower
Commercial Grade
62" Cut
817 Hours
Includes Extra Blades & Belt
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138712
90207F133.Lot of Assorted Tools
Tag: 138585
90207F134.Lot of Toilet Partitions and Grab Bars
Tag: 138675
90207F135.Lot of Misc. Lights
Tag: 138527
90207F136.Lot of (2) Pipe Wrenches
Tag: 138586
90207F137.Assorted Resistors
Tag: 138725
90207F138.Light Stand
Tag: 138561
90207F139.DeWalt Cordless Drill
Tag: 138587
90207F140.Alpha Electronic Message Center
Tag: 138737
90207F141.Lot of (4) Industrial Lights
Tag: 138726
90207F142.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Drill
Tag: 138588
90207F143.Lot of Assorted Equipment
Includes: Fuel Pump, Paint Pump, and Water Meters
Tag: 138796
90207F144.Lot of (6) Industrial Lights
Tag: 138727
90207F145.Lot of (4) Fish Tape Reels
Tag: 138589
90207F146.Lot of Starters and Electrical Components
Tag: 138797
90207F147.Factory Cat Model 29 Electric Floor Scrubber
1,396 Hours
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138714
90207F148.Lot of (2) FE Industrial Floodlights
Tag: 138728
90207F149.Lot of (2) Little Kicker Benders
Tag: 138590
90207F150.Lot of Assorted Fencing
Tag: 138822
90207F151.Lot of Assorted Floodlights
Tag: 138757
90207F152.Lot of (2) Tools
Angle Grinder, 115V
Tag: 138591
90207F153.Lot of (7) Assorted Square D Starters
Tag: 138828
90207F154.Lot of Assorted Industrial Lighting
Tag: 138759
90207F155.Lot of (2) Pick Axes and Rope
Tag: 138592
90207F156.Lot of (7) Security Gates
(2) 21' Wide
(2) 16' Wide
(2) 10' Wide
(1) 5' Wide
Tag: 138851
90207F157.Lot of Assorted Signal Lights
Tag: 138769
90207F158.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138593
90207F159.Lot of Assorted Casters and Wheels
Tag: 138500
90207F160.Lot of Hard Hats and Ear Plugs
Tag: 138514
90207F161.Hilti MD 25W Manual Dispenser
Tag: 138594
90207F162.Lot of Trailer Balls, Hitches, and Anchors
Tag: 138525
90207F163.Lot of Rubber Insulating Gloves
Tag: 138515
90207F164.Poulan Chainsaw
Tag: 138596
90207F165.Lot of Niedex Cable Tray & Aluminum Cable Trough, Fittings, Elbows and Hardware
Lot Loading Fee: $25 Dollars
Tag: 138663
90207F166.Lot of Salisbury Arc Flash Safety Gear
Tag: 138524
90207F167.Greenlee 746 Hydraulic Knockout Set
Tag: 138597
90207F168.Lot of Aluminum Cable Trasy, Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Grounding Straps and Hardware
Tag: 138676
90207F169.Lot of Safety Gear
Includes Body Harnesses, Lanyards, and Safety Vests
Tag: 138611
90207F170.Greenlee 746 Hydraulic Knockout Set
Tag: 138598
90207F171.Lot of Bus Bar and Connectors
Tag: 138677
90207F172.Lot of (2) Two Door Cabinets
Tag: 138512
90207F173.Electric Battery Cart w/ TristandIncludes Tristand, Oil Buckets, Parts Cabinets & Charger
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138715
90207F174.Lot of Ridgid Dies
Tag: 138599
90207F175.Lot of Sick Safety Door Hardware
Tag: 138679
90207F176.Lot of (4) Meco U-Rack Stands
Tag: 138516
90207F177.Lot of (2) Drills
Tag: 138600
90207F178.Lot of Bus Bars
Tag: 138686
90207F179.Job Box
20" X 42"
Tag: 138638
90207F180.Lot of (2) Electrical Instruments
(1) Biddle No. 212159 Meggar
(1) Resistance Type Wire Length Measurement Tool, Unitest Cat No. 2003
Tag: 138601
90207F181.Lot of Copper Bus Bars and Silicone Bronze Bus Bar Connectors
Tag: 138690
90207F182.Material Stand
Tag: 138664
90207F183.Lot of Hydraulic Knockout Tools
Tag: 138602
90207F184.Lot of Assorted Disconnects
Tag: 138692
90207F185.Material Stand
Tag: 138665
90207F186.Lot of Knockout Dies
Tag: 138603
90207F187.Lot of Assorted Disconnects
Tag: 138693
90207F188.Lot of Black Wire Shelving
Tag: 138669
90207F189.Lot of (2) Hydraulic Knockout Tools
Tag: 138605
90207F190.Lot of Wireway
Tag: 138776
90207F191.Lot of (18) Bolt Together Racking Uprights & Cross Beams
(4) Uprights, 15' Tall
(14) 9' Cross Beams
Tag: 138821
90207F192.C-Frame Punch
Tag: 138614
90207F193.Lot of Rail Supports and Hatches
Tag: 138778
90207F194.Lot of (2) Metal Storage Cabinet w/Contents
Tag: 138846
90207F195.Black and Decker Vertical Drill w/ Concrete Hole Saws
Tag: 138636
90207F196.Lot of Overhead Power Track
10' Sections
GE Type LTG Busway - 3PH, 4-Wire, 50A
Tag: 138790
90207F197.Ridgid Shop Vac
Tag: 138528
90207F198.Greenlee Job Box
30" x 48"
Tag: 138647
90207F199.Personnel Electric Transport Cart
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138717
90207F200.Lot of Wire Tray
Tag: 138794
90207F201.Lot of (2) Wet/Dry Vacs
Tag: 138536
90207F202.Antique Grinder
Tag: 138695
90207F203.Lot of Assorted Wireway
Tag: 138800
90207F204.Judson Turbo Vac 520
Tag: 138649
90207F205.Gas Powered Pro Cut Concrete Saw
Model No. SB-16K
Includes Extra Blades
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138716
90207F206.Lot of (38) Assorted Spools
Tag: 138824
90207F207.Shop Vac 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
Tag: 138847
90207F208.Lincoln Ranger-8 Propane Powered Welder Generator
Click Here for Operational Video
Tag: 138718
90207F209.Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
Tag: 138849
90207F210.Lot of (9) Assorted Battery Chargers
For Golf Carts and Scissor Lifts
Tag: 138753
90207F211.Lot of (7) Assorted Rolls Strapping Material
Tag: 138501
90207F212.Lot of Arc Flash Rated Coveralls and Suit
(1) 31 CAL/CM2 Suit Coat, Pants and Hood
(7) Arc Flash HRC 2 Dark Blue Arc Flash Coveralls - Category 2
(1) Green Regular Coverall
Tag: 138505
90207F213.Lot of (3) Brady Thermal Transfer Printers
Tag: 138555
90207F214.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138519
90207F215.Lot of Hose and Cable
Tag: 138520
90207F216.Lot of (3) Brady Thermal Transfer Printers
Tag: 138556
90207F217.Lot of Floor Tiles
Tag: 138523
90207F218.Lot of Misc. Supplies
Tag: 138530
90207F219.Lot of (3) Label Printers
Tag: 138565
90207F220.Lot of Misc. Supplies
Tag: 138531
90207F221.Lot of High Voltage Rubber Blankets and Fiberglass Switch Operator Pole
Tag: 138539
90207F222.Lot of Misc. Material, Rigid Oiler Buckets, and Repair Parts
Tag: 138566
90207F223.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138632
90207F224.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138662
90207F225.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138674
90207F226.Lot of Wire and Cable
Tag: 138680
90207F227.Lot of Misc. Material
Includes Remote Controls, Power Cords, Mounting Brackets for Display Boards in Lot #333
Tag: 138681
90207F228.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138683
90207F229.Lot of Wood Boards
9 X 38
Tag: 138711
90207F230.Lot of Assorted Material
Tag: 138720
90207F231.Lot of Assorted Cable Accessories
Tag: 138736
90207F232.Lot of Assorted Wire
Tag: 138751
90207F233.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138775
90207F234.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138780
90207F235.Lot of Assorted Material
Tag: 138788
90207F236.Misc. Material
Tag: 138789
90207F237.Lot of Misc. Material
Tag: 138813
90207F238.Lot of Assorted Explosion Proof Conduit
Tag: 138844
90207F239.Acme Transformer
Tag: 138730
90207F240.Acme Transformer
Tag: 138732
90207F241.Sorgel 225KVA Transformer
Tag: 138733
90207F242.Square D 45KVA Transformer
Tag: 138734
90207F243.Misc. Transformer
Tag: 138735
90207F244.ACME Zone Power Center
7.5KVA 480V to 120/240V
With (8) Circuit Panel and Main Breakers
Tag: 138758
90207F245.Lot of (25) Assorted Transformers
Tag: 138760
90207F246.ACME Transformer and 120V Load Center w/GFI Outlets
Used for Temporary Power
Tag: 138761
90207F247.Lot of (3) Transformers
Tag: 138764
90207F248.Lot of (14) Assorted Transformers
Tag: 138765
90207F249.Lot of (4) Assorted Transformers
Tag: 138766
90207F250.Lot of (3) Assorted Transformers
Tag: 138767
90207F251.Lot of Assorted Transformers
Tag: 138773
90207F252.Square D Safety Switch
Tag: 138667
90207F253.Lot of Square D Components
Includes: Switches, Panel Covers, 200A Switch
New Surplus
Tag: 138682
90207F254.Lot of (14) Assorted Disconnects
Brands Include: Square D, Cutler-Hammer, GE
Tag: 138743
90207F255.Lot of (12) Assorted Bus Plugs and Safety Switches
Brands Include: GE, etc.
Tag: 138744
90207F256.Lot of (12) Assorted Disconnects
Brands Include: Square D, GE, etc.
Tag: 138745
90207F257.Lot of (12) Assorted Disconnects and Bus Plugs
Tag: 138747
90207F258.Lot of Assorted Safety Switches and Enclosures
Brands Include: Siemens, Square D, GE, etc.
Tag: 138748
90207F259.Lot of (10) Assorted Disconnects and Control Panels
Tag: 138749
90207F260.Lot of (4) Eaton Fusible Busway Switches
Tag: 138750
90207F261.Lot of (12) Assorted Switches
Brands Include: Square D, Westinghouse, etc.
Tag: 138754
90207F262.Lot of (9) Busway Switches
Tag: 138782
90207F263.Lot of Disconnects and Electrical Boxes
Tag: 138783
90207F264.GE Safety Switch
Tag: 138787
90207F265.Lot of (20) Busway Disconnects
Tag: 138816
90207F266.Lot of Busway and Disconnects
Tag: 138817
90207F267.Lot of (10) Busway Disconnects
Tag: 138818
90207F268.Lot of (5) Busway Disconnects
Tag: 138819
90207F269.Lot of (8) Busway Disconnects
Tag: 138820
90207F270.Lot of (5) Square D Safety Switches
Tag: 138829
90207F271.Lot of (2) Square D Circuit Breakers
Tag: 138826
90207F272.Lot of (2) Square D Circuit Breakers
Tag: 138827
90207F273.Lot of (2) Panel Boards w/ Breaker and Misc. Material Boxes
Tag: 138671
90207F274.Lot of Panel Boards
Tag: 138672
90207F275.Lot of (2) Panel Board Interiors
Tag: 138678
90207F276.Lot of Panel Covers
Tag: 138685
90207F277.Lot of Panel Interiors
Tag: 138688
90207F278.Lot of Panel Covers
Tag: 138691
90207F279.Lot of (4) Power Control Centers
(2) GE 37.5KVA Transformers
(1) Control Panel
(1) Misc. Transformer
Tag: 138731
90207F280.Lot of Assorted Electrical Boxes
Tag: 138738
90207F281.Control Panel
Includes: (6) Allen-Bradley Starters
(4) GE Disconnects, 30A
Tag: 138740
90207F282.Siemens Control Panel
Tag: 138741
90207F283.Lot of (4) Assorted Control Panels
Tag: 138752
90207F284.GE Spectra Panelboard
Tag: 138755
90207F285.Square D I-Line Panel
Includes 600A Breaker
Tag: 138756
90207F286.Cutler-Hammer Temporary Power Center
Tag: 138762
90207F287.Temporary Power Center with Square D Components
Tag: 138763
90207F288.Lot of (2) Enclosures
(1) Rittal AE Compact Enclosure
(1) Hoffman Enclosure
Tag: 138770
90207F289.Lot of (2) Hoffman Enclosures
Cat No. 532A
Tag: 138771
90207F290.Lot of (7) Assorted Enclosures
Tag: 138772
90207F291.Lot of Assorted Panelboard Channel
Tag: 138774
90207F292.Lot of Panel Boards
Tag: 138777
90207F293.Lot of Panel Boards
Tag: 138779
90207F294.Lot of Panel Board and Timer Panel
Tag: 138781
90207F295.Lot of Electrical Boxes
Tag: 138784
90207F296.Lot of Electrical Boxes
Tag: 138785
90207F297.Lot of Panel Board Box and Components
Tag: 138786
90207F298.Lot of Misc. Panel Cabinets
Tag: 138792
90207F299.Stainless Steel Electrical Panel
Tag: 138793
90207F300.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138798
90207F301.Lot of Panel Board and Components
Tag: 138799
90207F302.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138801
90207F303.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138802
90207F304.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138803
90207F305.Electrical Panel
Tag: 138805
90207F306.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138806
90207F307.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138807
90207F308.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138808
90207F309.Lot of Kocher Electrical Boxes
Tag: 138809
90207F310.Siemens Electrical Panel
Tag: 138810
90207F311.Lot of Panel Boards
Tag: 138811
90207F312.Lot of Electrical Panels
Tag: 138812
90207F313.Lot of Panel and Covers
Tag: 138814
90207F314.Lot of Electrical Panels
Includes: Breaker 600A
Tag: 138815
90207F315.Lot of Assorted Components
Room Strapping, Hose, and Doors
Tag: 138517
90207F316.Aro Pneumatic Pump, Hose, and Cart
Tag: 138643
90207F317.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
Includes: Control Panel, Spool of Cable, Bench Grinder
Tag: 138739
90207F318.Lot of (10) Assorted Electrical Components
Includes: Square D Wireway, Safety Switches, etc.
Tag: 138742
90207F319.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
Tag: 138746
90207F320.Lot of Assorted Switches and Transformers
Tag: 138768
90207F321.Lot of Misc. Electrical Components
Tag: 138791
90207F322.Lot of Misc. Electrical Items
Tag: 138795
90207F323.Lot of (2) Assorted Items
(1) Heater
(1) Industrial Power Supply
Tag: 138830
90207F324.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes: Hardware, Conduit Bodies, Outlet Covers, Fittings, Outlet Boxes, Explosion Proof Conduit
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138839
90207F325.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes: Conduit Fittings, Bushings, PVC Couplings, etc.
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138840
90207F326.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes: Wireway, Busway Clips, Outlet Boxes, Flex Conduit, and Couplings
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138841
90207F327.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes: Lugs, Plugs, Outlet Boxes, Welding Plugs, Couplings, Transformers, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Bulbs, Ballasts, etc.
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138842
90207F328.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes: Starters, Transformers, Enclosures, Terminal Blocks, Push Buttons, Contactors, Lighting, etc.
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138843
90207F329.Lot of Parts Shelf Contents
Includes Assorted Lighting
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138848
90207F330.Lot of Tables & Microwaves
Tag: 138537
90207F331.Candy & Gum Ball Machine
Tag: 138645
90207F332.Desk w/ Drafting Table
Tag: 138657
90207F333.Lot of (5) Display Boards
See Lot #227 for Accessories Including Mounting Brackets and Power Cords
Tag: 138668
90207F334.Computer Desk
(4) Boxes- 3pc Box
Plus Misc. Material
Tag: 138670
90207F335.Lot of Blueprint File Drawers
Tag: 138689
90207F336.Trade Show Booth
Tag: 138694
90207F337.Lot of (5) Water Coolers
Tag: 138696
90207F338.Samsung Prostar Phone System
(7) Phones
Model No. 56EX Controller
Tag: 138804
90207F339.Lot of Office Contents
Includes: (2) Desks
(1) Bookshelf
(1) Filing Cabinet
(2) Chairs
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138833
90207F340.Lot of Office Contents
Includes: Desks, Filings Cabinets, Chairs, etc.
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138831
90207F341.Lot of (2) Brady Labelizer Plus w/ Label Rolls
Tag: 138832
90207F342.Lot of Office Contents
Includes: (3) Desks
(3) Chairs
(1) Filing Cabinet
(1) Hanging Files
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138834
90207F343.Lot of Office Contents
Includes: (2) Desks
(2) Chairs
(1) Bookshelf
(1) Hanging File Rack
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138835
90207F344.Lot of File Room Contents
Includes: (3) Filing Cabinets
(1) Hanging File Rack
(1) Blueprint Organizer
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138836
90207F345.Lot of Conference Room Contents
(3) Tables
(1) Desk
(1) Shelf
(2) Rolling Stand
(1) Conference Table
(9) Chairs
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138837
90207F346.Lot of Office Contents
(1) Desk
(2) Computer Desks
(3) Mirrors
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 138838
90207F347.Lot of Lobby Contents
(3) Chairs
(1) Table
(1) Glass Display Case
Buyer responsible for ALL LOADING AND REMOVAL.
No loading assistance available.

Tag: 139904
90207F348.Lot of Assorted Wire
Tag: 139905
90207F349.Lot of Assorted Hardware
Tag: 138823