Yellow Tag Auctions
Auction# 10121P Paper Mill Equipment, Machinery, and Supplies Located in Spartanburg, SC YTA Warehouse - Thursday January 21, 2021 Lots Will Begin to Close at 11:00 AM ET

Item Description
10121P000.Packing Available for This Auction
We offer UPS and LTL preparation for small items located in our warehouse. If you are interested in having us prepare or ship your items, you can contact us for a quote after you have received your invoice.

Orders being prepared for shipment will be processed after on-site removal. Order preparation may take up to ten business days from notice to prepare.

If you have any questions prior to the auction, contact us at or (864)461-2400
Tag: 0000
10121P001.Gould Rotating Pump
Model No. BF
Refurbished 2018
Tag: 193397
Location: 2-E
10121P002.KMT Pressure Intensifier
Part No. 72122420
Tag: 193430
Location: 2-D
10121P003.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 3-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106
Size: 3"
Tag: 194232
Location: 5-C2
10121P004.GNRL Floating Shaft
Part No. CC33947
Tag: 193492
Location: 2-I
10121P005.Lot of (8) FlowTek Ball Valves
(4) Part No. B16 34
(4) Part No. B16 34 CL 600
Tag: 194219
Location: 5-G
10121P006.Lot of (2) Pulverizing Rollers
Tag: 193382
Location: 2-RR
10121P007.SPX Complete Impeller Agitator Lighting Mixer
Model No. 2-U-S-15
Tag: 193383
Location: 2-E
10121P008.Lot of (2) Rollers
Tag: 193384
Location: 2-E
10121P009.GL&V Circulator Impco Type 122 Unit Pump
No. 1122 Circulator
Tag: 193393
Location: 2-E
10121P010.Lot of (2) UFD Clear Hoses
Part No. 203106002025
6" x 25'
Tag: 193386
Location: 2-E
10121P011.Lot of (2) Industrial Components
(1) Carlyle Compressor, Model No. 06DM8186AC0600, 3PH, 460V, 1800 Syn RPM
(1) Rosemount Magnetic Flow Tube, Model No. 870THA10051W0N0L2
185 UDC
Tag: 193387
Location: 2-E
10121P012.Cline P Series CV Drive Shaft
Model No. 01066032
Tag: 193388
Location: 2-E
10121P013.Lot of (6) Assorted Components
(2) Parker Air Cylinders Part No. 08-00TBEVE3US19A 9.000
(4) Krebs Engineers Frames Part No. TG-F-8-LOCK
Tag: 194290
Location: 5-O
10121P014.Universal Joint
Tag: 193389
Location: 2-E
10121P015.Universal Joint
Tag: 193390
Location: 2-E
10121P016.Lot of (4) UFD Clear Hoses
6" x 25"
Part No. 203106002025
Tag: 193391
Location: 2-E
10121P017.Westcoast Rotor Motor Pump Rotor
Part No. C72KK1RW
Tag: 193421
Location: 2-E10
10121P018.Voith Sulzer Hydrofoil Assembly SCNO Screen
Part No. SCN7-924-00250-GPF
Tag: 193394
Location: 2-E
10121P019.Hydraulic Cylinder
No. 01557718
2000 PSI Stroke
Tag: 193395
Location: 2-E
10121P020.Pro Services ITT Industries Mixer
Tag: 193396
Location: 2-E
10121P021.IMO Pump
Part No. 3225/225A
Type AG3DB-400
Tag: 193438
Location: 2-E14
10121P022.Fluid Drive
Tag: 193398
Location: 2-E
10121P023.Lot of (2) UFD Clear Hoses
Part No. 203106002025
6" x 25'
Tag: 193399
Location: 2-E
10121P024.Dorr Gear
Part No. 3X5E10
Tag: 193419
Location: 2-E9
10121P025.Lot of (3) Assorted Pumps
(1) Moyno Bearing Assembly Pump Part No. 2K354PG2SSQ
(2) Box Stuffing Pumps Part No. SS AC 52-460-701-007 16-3/8
Tag: 193443
Location: 2-A15
10121P026.Robbins & Myers Moyno Pump Stator
Part No. C320KQ
Tag: 193420
Location: 2-E10
10121P027.Lot of (2) Double Sprockets
(1) Part No. D240C62H, 3P, 62T
(1) Part No. D240B15H, 3P, 15T
Tag: 193422
Location: 2-E
10121P028.Conveyor Belt
Tag: 193423
Location: 2-E9
10121P029.Rotating Assembly Pump
Part No. 1392732
Model No. SS 316 95H565
Tag: 193446
Location: 2-E12
10121P030.Lot of Asssorted Industrial Components
Lube Corp. Pump
Mazak Power Supply
Tag: 193424
Location: 2-E12
Tag: 193425
Location: 2-E10
10121P032.Siemens High Efficiency 150HP AC Motor
Part No. 1LE24214CD512AA32W6
449T Frame
Tag: 193426
Location: 2-A17
10121P033.Stainless Steel Rotor Pump
No. C82343
2K345 Frame
Tag: 193448
Location: 2-D
10121P034.Baldor Reliance Super E 100HP Severe Duty Motor
Part No. ECP84400T-4
1785 RPM
405T Frame
Tag: 193427
Location: 2-A16
10121P035.Setco Ballscrew w/Mounting Components
Tag: 193428
Location: 2-D
10121P036.KMT Pressure Intensifier
Part No. 72122420
Tag: 193429
Location: 2-D
10121P037.Rotating Assembly Pump
Part No. T0730 2001
Model No. ZYV-70 S2
28 x 32
DBL Suct SGL Stage Horizontal Split Low Pulsation Centrifugal Pump
Tag: 193450
Location: 2-D
10121P038.Lot of (2) Assorted Components
(1) Bowl Assembly Pump Part No. 12L40-4
Tag: 194403
Location: 2-E
10121P039.Metso Primary Cylinder Assembly
Part No. APL2010239
Tag: 193431
Location: 2-D
10121P040.KMT Pressure Intensifier
Part No. 72122420
Tag: 193432
Location: 2-D
10121P041.Gould's Pumps Vertical Slump/Process Pump
Part No. 3171 1x1.5-6
1890 RPM
Tag: 193454
Location: 2-D
10121P042.Lot of (2) Boxes of Assorted Fittings
Tag: 193433
Location: 2-D
10121P043.Fawick Clutch Element
Part No. 16VC600
Tag: 193434
Location: 2-E10
10121P044.90 Degree Pipe Manifold
Tag: 193435
Location: 2-E10
10121P045.GL&V Motor w/Pump
Motor Model No. EVA 56H171520A
5400 RPM
Frame: 3
Tag: 193483
Location: 2-I
10121P046.Reliance Electric Duty Master 75HP AC Motor
Part No. P36G5229B
465TC Frame
1775 RPM
Tag: 193436
Location: 2-E10
10121P047.Lot of (2) 18 Drawer Tool Cabinets w/Components
34" X 11-1/2" L X W, One Cabinet Missing 4 Drawers
Socket Heads
Vektek Clamps
Collet Nuts
Tag: 193437
Location: 2-E8
10121P048.Allen-Bradley Inverter Duty 125HP Motor
Part No. 1329L-2B12518FVHDB-LR-VL
2350 RPM
L2882 Frame
Tag: 193439
Location: 2-D
10121P049.Ahlstrom Type 2-X Accry Rotor Pump
Part No. 02021400
Tag: 193504
Location: 2-I
10121P050.Roller Braces
Tag: 193440
Location: 2-D
10121P051.Nuttall Gear Speed Reducer
Part No. 8760
75 HP
350 RPM
Tag: 193441
Location: 2-A19
10121P052.Siemens AC Motor
Part No. 1LE24214CD512AA32W6
150 HP
900 RPM
Frame: 449T
Tag: 193442
Location: 2-A19
10121P053.Powell Valve w/Assorted Gaskets
Part No. B-1884
Tag: 193511
Location: 2-I
10121P054.Marathon Electric E-Pact Efficiency Standard Induction Motor
Part No. 10390600
Model No. 365TTDS4348APW
75 HP
1780 RPM
Frame: 365TC
Tag: 193444
Location: 2-A16
10121P055.Lot of (2) GNRL Wire Rope Assemblies
(1) Part No. WRP-STD-0079
(1) Part No. WR-RP-G-0.562x450-6-37-RT
Tag: 193445
Location: 2-A18
10121P056.Emerson Aventics Pneumatic Cylinder
No. WA118
Tag: 193447
Location: 2-D
10121P057.Valve Connector
Tag: 193514
Location: 2-I
10121P058.Mill Service Drive Shaft
No. 366947
Tag: 193449
Location: 2-D
10121P059.Sew Eurodrive Gear Motor
Part No. K107A
Tag: 193451
Location: 2-D
Tag: 193452
Location: 2-D
10121P061.Lot of (2) Assorted Pumps
(1) WEHA Impeller Pump Part No. F8147R55 & F359C23
(1) Liner Metric Pump Part No. F8036MR55
Tag: 193539
Location: 2-E10
10121P062.Baldor Industrial 60 HP Motor
Part No. 14H88W189
60 HP
1760 RPM
Frame: 364TC
Tag: 193453
Location: 2-D
10121P063.Lot of Assorted Components
General Rubber Assembly
Nuts & Bolts
GNRL 1 x 2 x 48 UHMW Wear Pad
Tag: 193455
Location: 2-D
10121P064.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
(2) Parker Cylinders Part No. 01.50 BBMA, 200 PSI
(2) Parker Cylinders Part No. 02.50 CBBMAU14C 6.000, 200 PSI
(2) Parker Cylinders Part No. 03.25 BBMA, 200 PSI
(1) Pneumatic Pump
(6) Thread Bolts
Tag: 193456
Location: 2-A18
10121P065.Warren Pump Rotating Element
Part No. 8DTB12
Tag: 193540
Location: 2-E9
10121P066.Lot of Assorted Components
Open End 100T20 Belt
Tag: 193457
Location: 2-E7
10121P067.Lot of (11) Boxes of Rexnord Table Top Chains
Part No. 10177703
Model No. CF831-7.5
Tag: 193458
Location: 2-A18
10121P068.Bearing Housing Bearing Unit
Part No. 50-70B-0207
Tag: 193459
Location: 2-E6
10121P069.Warman Pump
Part No. SL-30013D
Model No. M14
Tag: 193680
Location: 2-H
10121P070.Gear Spur Gear
Part No. 00926371 0001
104T Teeth
Tag: 193460
Location: 2-A14
10121P071.PPI Wing Pulley
Part No. 18X51CFWGMD
Tag: 193461
Location: 2-A14
10121P072.NGC Nuttall Gear Reducer
Part No. T12
30 HP
12.2 RPM
Ratio: 71.127
Tag: 193462
Location: 2-A12
10121P073.Lot of (4) Check Valves and (4) Gasket Sets
(2) Powell Check Valves Part No. 3061A-Z015829, Model No. B-1761
(2) Powell Check Valves Part No. 3061A-Z015830, Model No. B-1837
(4) Big Digester Gasket Sets
Tag: 193832
Location: 2-A6
Tag: 193463
Location: 2-D
Tag: 193464
Location: 2-D
10121P076.GNRL Screen
Part No. OLD W070100-13
Type: F316
Tag: 193465
Location: 2-A20
10121P077.Fabri-Valve Gate Valve
Part No. C67
Tag: 193922
Location: 2-H
10121P078.Westinghouse Gear Drive Motor
Part No. 77R12869
Cat No. D11
30 HP
38 RPM
Ratio: 46.068
Figure No. 2
Tag: 193466
Location: 2-A21
10121P079.GNRL Rotor
Part No. 01022440
Tag: 193467
Location: 2-D
10121P080.Precision Inc Pulley
Tag: 193468
Location: 2-E13
10121P081.Lot of (8) Assorted Valves w/Actuators
Brands Include:
Allen Sherman Hoff
Tag: 194043
Location: 5-C18
10121P082.Mill Service Drive Shaft
Part No. 368510
Tag: 193469
Location: 2-D
10121P083.Lot of (96) Rolls of White Arcare Adhesive Research Pressure Sensitive Tape
Tag: 193470
Location: 2-I
10121P084.Lot of (16) Tusa Sandar Turn Up System Paperbands
Part No. 2001WESP-1
Tag: 193471
Location: 2-I
10121P085.Lot of (3) Bray 8" Butterfly Valves
Tag: 194045
Location: 5-M
10121P086.Lot of (17) Tusa Sandar Turn Up System Paperbands
Part No. 2001WESP-1
Tag: 193472
Location: 2-I
10121P087.Lot of (176) Rolls of White Adhesive Tape
Part No. NP-320W
1/2" x 120 yd
Tag: 193473
Location: 2-I
10121P088.Pinion Gear
Model No. B-8292
47 Teeth
2" Deep
6" Wide
Tag: 193474
Location: 2-I
10121P089.Lot of Assorted Pumps and Meters
Brands Include:
Allen Sherman Hoff
Water Pump C
Over Flow Pump A
PSI Meters
Tag: 194046
Location: 5-C13
10121P090.GE 150 HP Motor
Model No. 5KS449XAA440W6
150 HP
890 RPM
Tag: 193475
Location: 2-I
10121P091.General ACCRY Rear Rake
Model No. 53315SSRR
Tag: 193476
Location: 2-I
10121P092.Cafe Select Type Screen
Model No. OLDW070100-13
Tag: 193477
Location: 2-I
10121P093.Lot of (14) Assorted Valves
Mogas USA
Bonney Forge Valves
Tag: 194047
Location: 5-C16
10121P094.Cafe Select Type Screen
Model No. OLDW070100-13
Tag: 193478
Location: 2-I
75"L x 21"D
Tag: 193479
Location: 2-I
10121P096.Clutch Element Mounting Hub
Model No. 0000604772-0
500" Diameter
Tag: 193480
Location: 2-I
10121P097.Lot of Approx (26) Assorted Valves
Brands Include:
Tag: 194048
Location: 5-C15
10121P098.Bush Slitter
Model No. 702074
300 x 100 x 10
Tag: 193481
Location: 2-I
10121P099.Chain Sprocket
Model No. MS500797826956
Tag: 193482
Location: 2-I
10121P100.Idler Shaft
No. 3 & 5
Tag: 193484
Location: 2-I
10121P101.Lot of (5) Valves w/Actuators
Brands Include:
Allen Sherman Hoff
Tag: 194049
Location: 5-C16
Tag: 193485
Location: 2-I
10121P103.Falk Ultra Max Gear Drive
Model No. 205-FM2A
1750/105 RPM
Tag: 193486
Location: 2-I
10121P104.80' Metso Lowerator Chain w/Cradle Bush on 13.3' CTR 15" Links
Part No. 65800156
Tag: 193487
Location: 0
10121P105.Lot of (5) Valves and Actuators
(2) ASCO Actuators Part No. 8551A409MO
(2) FNW Valves Part No. FNW732EG, 255 PSI
(1) Double Disc Gate Valve Part No. 72668249, 125 lbs
Tag: 194050
Location: 5-C12
10121P106.80' Metso Lowerator Chain w/Cradle Bush on 13.3' CTR 15" Links
Part No. 65800156
Tag: 193488
Location: 2-I
Part No. 00862962 0001
Model No. 4330
Tag: 193490
Location: 2-I
10121P108.Metal Cylinder
Tag: 193491
Location: 2-I
10121P109.Lot of (3) Assorted Valves
(2) FNW Butterfly, Part No. FNW732EG, 255 PSI
(1) Double Disc Gate Valve, Part No. 72668249, 125 lb
Tag: 194051
Location: 5-A6
10121P110.Lot of (3) Assorted Components
(1) Support Leg Assembly Part No. 2233215TL
(1) Mounting Plate for Mixer Part No. 22 3329PSP
(1) Shim Kit Assembly for Mixer Part No. 836821/PSP
Tag: 194399
Location: 2-D
10121P111.Drive Shaft
Tag: 193493
Location: 2-I
10121P112.2019 Gould Pump
Part No. 210H850BKPO
Model No. 3180
Tag: 193494
Location: 2-I
10121P113.Bray Butterfly Valve
Part No. XW-VL-7469AP
Tag: 194057
Location: 5-C3
10121P114.Ft Drive/Idler
Part No. D-104045-A
Tag: 193495
Location: 2-I
10121P115.Drive Shaft Assembly
Part No. 99-003-9981
Model No. 9R3717
Tag: 193496
Location: 2-I
10121P116.Drive Shaft Assembly
Part No. 99-003-9981
Model No. 9R3717
Tag: 193497
Location: 2-I
10121P117.Dezurik Valve w/Actuator
Part No. 968481R002/014-NF-VL-3757
Style: 4
Size: 6
Tag: 194058
Location: 5-B7
10121P118.Drive Shaft
Part No. 46276
Tag: 193498
Location: 2-I
10121P119.Lot of (2) Rollers
Tag: 193499
Location: 2-I
10121P120.Floating Swing GNRL Shaft
Part No. 01040860
Model No. A96-756
Tag: 193500
Location: 2-I
10121P121.Lot of (3) Dezurik Gate Valves
Part No. 9677382R001
Size: 4
Style: KSV
Tag: 194063
Location: 5-B6
10121P122.Lot of (3) Set, Balanced, and Hardened Tool Hammers
Tag: 193501
Location: 2-I
10121P123.Maek Hydraulic Cylinder
Part No. 330C37A
Tag: 193502
Location: 2-I
10121P124.Maek Hydraulic Cylinder
Part No. 330C37A
Tag: 193503
Location: 2-I
10121P125.WEHR Delta Industries Knife Gate Valve
Tag: 194066
Location: 5-A9
10121P126.Ngc Nuttall Gear Reducer
Part No. DIIM
100 HP
172 RPM
Ratio: 10.15
Tag: 193505
Location: 2-I
10121P127.Mack Hydraulic Cylinder
Part No. 33037A
Tag: 193506
Location: 2-I
10121P128.Lot of (3) MFG Fully Dressed GNRL Assembly Idler Shafts
Part No. 554732-17
Tag: 193507
Location: 2-I
10121P129.Lot of (3) Dezurik Gate Valves
Part No. SP2335941S06121629601
Size: 6
Tag: 194068
Location: 5-B2
10121P130.Lot of (3) Set, Balanced, and Hardened Tool Hammers
Part No. B7945
Tag: 193508
Location: 2-I
10121P131.Baldor Dodge Heavy Duty Conveyor Pulley
Part No. CS151802305
24"D x 51" LG Head
Tag: 193509
Location: 2-I
10121P132.Rexnord Gear Reducer
Part No. 8 A02010200
Tag: 193510
Location: 2-I
10121P133.Lot of (2) Dezurik Gate Valves
Part No. 9677384R001
Size: 10
Style: KSV
Tag: 194071
Location: 5-M
10121P134.Falk/Rexnord Ultramax Gear Drive
Part No. RK2070FZ2A
84.8 HP
1750 RPM
Ratio: 20.540
Tag: 193512
Location: 2-I
10121P135.Falk Motor Reducer
Part No. 152-4FZ2-10A2
15 HP
Ratio: 5.123
Tag: 193513
Location: 2-I
10121P136.GNRL Floating Swing Shaft
Part No. 607180
Tag: 193515
Location: 2-I
10121P137.Dezurik Gate Valve
Part No. 9679872R003
Size: 6
Style: KSV
Tag: 194072
Location: 5-M
10121P138.Deublin Siphon Delta Shoe Assembly
Part No. S91307-XXX
Model No. M079040
Tag: 193516
Location: 2-I
10121P139.Flat Belt
Part No. 01622471 0001
12"W x 174' x 10" LG 121
Tag: 193517
Location: 2-I
10121P140.Flat Belt
Part No. 01622471 0001
12"W x 174' x 10" LG 121
Tag: 193518
Location: 2-I
10121P141.WEHR Delta Industrial Knife Gate Valve
Part No. 150-12-NR-17-E5-/1-PC
Size: 12
Tag: 194152
Location: 5-B7
10121P142.MFG Pipe Coupling
Part No. 056487
Tag: 193519
Location: 2-I
10121P143.Georgia Pacific Crossett Pneumatic Cylinder
Part No. SAU033AX58
250 PSI
Tag: 193520
Location: 2-I
10121P144.Hennells Pneumatic Cylinder
Part No. 29705
250 PSI
Tag: 193521
Location: 2-I
10121P145.ASCO Actuator and Components
Part No. 8551 A490M0
Tag: 194156
Location: 5-M
10121P146.Rotating Shaft Assembly
Part No. 201 001
Tag: 193522
Location: 2-I
10121P147.Floating Size 1 Shaft Assembly
Part No. A96-762
Tag: 193523
Location: 2-I
10121P148.MFG Mechanical Hydraulic Cylinder
Part No. APL3033299
Tag: 193524
Location: 2-I
10121P149.Lot of Assorted Valve Handles
Tag: 194161
Location: 5-A7
10121P150.Complete Rotary Assembly
Part No. 611841
Tag: 193525
Location: 2-I
10121P151.Complete Rotary Assembly w/Gasket
Part No. 251217
Tag: 193526
Location: 2-I
10121P152.Cellwood Machinery Shaft Replacement Unit
Part No. 4040981
210 x 67 x 72cm
716 kg
Tag: 193527
Location: 2-I
10121P153.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 2-T4E-11C11D033N0-CM1106
Size: 2"
Tag: 194162
Location: 5-A8
10121P154.B&M Stator
Part No. C32450
Model No. 62776137
Tag: 193528
Location: 2-I
10121P155.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
MPRC Board Module
Proximity Switch
Circuit Breaker
Tag: 193530
Location: 2-E4
10121P156.Lot of Assorted Components
LED Color Monitor
Tubing Connectors
Oil Seal
Circuit Breakers
Flex Hose
Tag: 193531
Location: 2-E5
10121P157.Lot of (5) Xomox Valves
Part No. 8G11013
Size: 2"
Tag: 194163
Location: 5-A8
10121P158.Lot of Assorted Components
Pivoting Cylinder
Flowmeter Element
End Cap Kit w/Fasteners
Proximity Switch
Temperature Gauge
Oil Seal
Tag: 193532
Location: 2-E5
10121P159.Lot of Assorted Components
Electric Interface Module
Power Supply
Micarta Bushing Agitator Sleeve
Oil Filter
Pipe Gaskets
Female Adapter Hose Couplings
Tag: 193533
Location: 2-E8
10121P160.Lot of (4) Assorted Components
(1) Pressurements Deadweight Tester Model No. M40002-3
(1) Lifting Eye Bolt Part No. C15M56
(1) Parker Pneumatic Filter w/Coil Hose Part No. 06F14AC
(1) Hubbell Ballast Housing Part No. BLA-1000P5-NB-WH, 347/480V
Tag: 191260
Location: 5-E
10121P161.Lot of Assorted Components
Fiber Optic Cable
Conv. Equipment Blade
Multi Conveyor Pulley
Electrical Plug
Pipe Reducer
Tag: 193534
Location: 2-E10
Tag: 193385
Location: 2-E
10121P163.Lot of (6) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 3-T4E-11C11D033N0-CM1106
Size: 3"
Tag: 194164
Location: 5-A8
10121P164.Lot of (10) Assorted Electrical Components
(6) Safematic Switch Flow Safe Units Part No. SFP-15-10
(1) Festo Pressure Regulator Part No. B718527690
(1) AB Electrical Connector Part No. 100-SB01
(1) Shurflo Flex Vane Impeller Pump Part No. 3000-100, 115V
(1) Georgia Pacific Hydraulic Gear Pump Part No. SP20B33A9H4-R
Tag: 193535
Location: 2-E5
10121P165.Lot of (28) Assorted Electrical Components
(24) VCI Pushers Part No. CGB10210
(1) Emerson Micro Motion Transmitter Part No. 1700R12ABAE222, 18-100 VDC, 11W
(1) Emerson Fisher Valve Positioner Part No. GG11820X012, Size: 22.9 x 21 x 23.5 cm
(1) Rosemount Level Transmitter Part No. 305152LD2AA1A1020DFF71DA0, 9-32 VDC
(1) Allen Bradley Disconnect Switch Part No. 1494G-BF3M-203W-421
Tag: 193536
Location: 2-E8
10121P166.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
Circuit Board Interface Module
Lincoln Pressure Switch
ABB Termination Unit Control
Miller Welding Collets
Threaded Ball Valve
Tag: 193537
Location: 2-E11
10121P167.Lot of (6) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 3-T4E-11C11D033N0-CM1106
Size: 3"
Tag: 194165
Location: 5-A8
10121P168.Lot of Assorted Electrical Components
Discovery USB Microscopes
Brake Studs
SG Bushing
Shielded 25 Pt Electrical Cable
Prokok Electrical Fan
Tag: 193538
Location: 2-E14
10121P169.Preferred Engineering Control Cabinet
Part No. PE-D4915D-1
Tag: 193541
Location: 2-E6
10121P170.Lot of (3) Agilent VXI Mainframes
Part No. E8401A
Tag: 193542
Location: 2-E12
10121P171.Lot of (2) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 9687917R001
Size: 3"
Tag: 194166
Location: 5-A7
10121P172.Lot of (7) File Assemblies
(3) Fisher/Rosemount I/O File Assemblies Part No. 12P1905X012
Includes: Attached I/O Backplane Part No. 1852030X22
(4) I/O File Assembly w/Backplane Part No. 505-6516
Tag: 193543
Location: 2-E8
10121P173.Lot of (10) Assorted Components
Tag: 193544
Location: 2-E10
10121P174.Lot of (5) Assorted Motors
(1) Bauer Motor
(1) Eberhard Bauer Motor Type: DOP 442 F06/141L, Model No. D-7300, 380Y/YV, 1350/2700 RPM
(1) Marathon Electric Motor Part No. 80T17FH5327, 230/460V, 1725 RPM, Frame: 80
(1) Leeson Motor Part No. 102404.00, Model No. A4517FZ2A, 1/3 HP, 115V, 1725 RPM, Frame: 148Y, 1PH
Georgii Kobold Motor Part No. 02542950, Model No. KG0507-28S56, 150V, 2500 RPM
Tag: 193545
Location: 2-E11
10121P175.Lot of (2) Dezurik Components
(1) Knifegate Valve Actuator Cylinder Part No. 9688442R001, Size: 8"
(1) Knifegate Valve Part No. 9689481R002, Size: 6"
Tag: 194167
Location: 5-M
10121P176.Lot of (5) Assorted Motors
(1) Marathon Electric AC Motor Part No. 5KH33GNC140, 1/4 HP, 115V, 1725 RPM, Frame: 48, 1PH
(1) Dayton Split Phase Fan & Blower Motor Part No. 5KH39QN142X, Model No. 3K479, 115V, Frame: 56CZ, 1PH
(1) GE Motor Part No. 5K38PN305J, 3/4 HP, 208-220/440V, 3450/2850 RPM, Frame: 48, 3PH
(1) Allen Bradley Servo Motor Part No. 163574, Cat No. 1326AS-B630F-21, 460V, 4500 RPM, 3PH
(1) ASEA Motor Part No. MK141004-BH, 460V, 1720 RPM
Tag: 193546
Location: 2-E11
10121P177.Siemens Circuit Breaker
Part No. WLS2A308
Tag: 193547
Location: 2-E9
10121P178.Reliance Electric AC Motor
Part No. P21L0201
15 HP
1770 RPM
Frame: C1852C
Tag: 193548
Location: 2-E12
10121P179.Lot of (3) Powell Valves
Part No. 2342FM0TXXX
Body: CF8M
Size: 3"
Tag: 194168
Location: 5-M
10121P180.Falk Ultramax Gear Drive
Part No. 2110FM2A
433 HP
1750 RPM
Ratio: 17.01
Tag: 193649
Location: 2-I
10121P181.Weldment Complete w/Gudgeons & Fastener Conveyor
Part No. EB-11615, 11679
117 lbs
Tag: 193650
Location: 2-I
10121P182.LFC Outer Basket GNRL Screen
Part No. XCN7-365-01040-GNC
Tag: 193651
Location: 2-I
10121P183.Lot of (13) Flowserve Valves
Part No's. Include:
Tag: 194169
Location: 5-M
10121P184.Voith Turbo Component
1000 TV03 7216 289V1
Tag: 193652
Location: 2-I
10121P185.B&D Service Double Reduction Speed Reducer Gearbox
Part No. U364076D
Tag: 193653
Location: 2-I
10121P186.LDI Industries Pump Impeller
Part No. HAXRG902160XXHRD0-2000060
Tag: 193654
Location: 2-I
10121P187.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves and Valve Gate Handles
Tag: 194170
Location: 5-A7
10121P188.Lot of (2) Pulleys
Tag: 193655
Location: 2-I
10121P189.Lot of (3) Assorted Components
(1) Sulzer Agitator, Part No. 6819
(2) Threaded Rods, Part No. 01549879, 3/8 x 3 - 316 - SS, 3/8" Diameter, 3' Wing
Tag: 193656
Location: 2-I
10121P190.Weldment Complete w/Gudgeons & Fastener Conveyor
Part No. 65182A
Tag: 193657
Location: 2-I
10121P191.Circor Valve with Siemens Positioner
Model No. DC50A1DA6A5G4F
Size 6
Positioner, Part No. 6DR5210-0EN00-0AA9
Tag: 194171
Location: 5-B1
10121P192.2013 Sulzer Agitator
Part No. STGL50.75
75 HP
Tag: 193658
Location: 2-I
10121P193.Lot of (2) Housings
Tag: 193659
Location: 2-I
10121P194.Impeller for Plemum Fan
Tag: 193660
Location: 2-I
10121P195.Circor Valve with Siemens Positioner
Model No. DC50A1DA6A5G4F
Size 6
Positioner, Part No. 6DR5210-0EN00-0AA9
Tag: 194172
Location: 5-C13
10121P196.Weldmont Complete w/Gudgeons & Fastener Conveyor
Part No. 65182A
Tag: 193661
Location: 2-I
10121P197.Impeller for Plemum Fan
Tag: 193662
Location: 2-I
10121P198.AirsystemD No. 19 Replacement Wheel Assembly Fan
Part No. 19CCWTH
Tag: 193663
Location: 2-I
10121P199.Lot of (4) Assorted Valves
(1) BRAY Butterfly Valve Part No. 20-0400-92801-56
(2) BRAY Butterfly Valves Part No. 20-0660-92801-5
(1) Dezurik Knife Gate Valve Part No. 9672098R002
Tag: 194209
Location: 5-C14
10121P200.Valment Helical Dryer Gear
Part No. 2D7735
Tag: 193664
Location: 2-I
10121P201.Sprocket Drive Gear
Part No. 200850
Tag: 193665
Location: 2-I
10121P202.Falk Ultra Max Gear Drive
Part No. RK2080FZ2A
370 HP
1750 RPM
Ratio: 5.161
Tag: 193666
Location: 2-I
10121P203.Circor Valve with Siemens Positioner
Model No. DC50A1DA6A5G4F
Size 6
Tag: 194212
Location: 5-A9
10121P204.Drive F/Impco Decker & Chemi Washer Co. Hydraulic Motor
Part No. HM5-1100.1-5
Tag: 193674
Location: 2-H
10121P205.Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder
Part No. A265FD55B
Tag: 193675
Location: 2-H
10121P206.Georgia Pacific Corp. Circular Gas Assembly
Part No. 716-4309-98-39
Tag: 193676
Location: 2-H
10121P207.Lot of ASCO Valve Kits
Tag: 194214
Location: 5-C13
10121P208.Secondary Knotter Mech
Part No. 2-901-0104-03
Tag: 193677
Location: 2-H
10121P209.Georgia Pacific Corp. Circular Gas Assembly
Part No. 716-4309-98-39
Tag: 193678
Location: 2-H
10121P210.Lot of (3) Fuller Comp. Bearing Rollers
Part No. 728-80-3-0803-01
Model No. 611875
17" ID, OD 26"
Tag: 193679
Location: 2-H
10121P211.Lot of (5) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
(3) Part No. 9679871R002, Size: 2.5"
(2) Part No. 9682275R001, Size: 2"
Tag: 194215
Location: 5-C13
10121P212.GL&V Corrugated Deck Sub Assembly
Part No. D550275-61
Tag: 193681
Location: 2-H
10121P213.Precision Inc. Idler/Pulley
Part No. 8X0305.
Tag: 193682
Location: 2-H
Part No. 24751 CFMD
Tag: 193683
Location: 2-H
10121P215.Lot of (3) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 9680193R003
Size: 4"
Tag: 194216
Location: 5-M
10121P216.Sulzer Agitator
Part No. STG-50.50E
No. 4501239851
Tag: 193684
Location: 2-H
10121P217.Boiler Feedwater Pump
Tag: 193685
Location: 2-H
10121P218.Lot of Assorted Components
Modu-Flo Pump Package
Mounting Breaked Cylinders
Nut Election Jams
Tag: 193794
Location: 2-A11
10121P219.FLYGT Submersible Pump
Part No. 32311705-0181105
1780 RPM
Tag: 194217
Location: 5-M
10121P220.Lot of Assorted Components
Browning 3PH Motor
Spindle Grippers
Big Bolt Ejections
Fast Shot Manifold Seal Kit
Tag: 193795
Location: 2-A11
10121P221.Lot of Assorted Components
Nylon 1/2" Strainer Line
Punch Holders
Schaefer Ignition Cable
Push Assembly
Tag: 193796
Location: 2-A9
10121P222.Lot of (43) Rollers
Tag: 193797
Location: 2-A8
10121P223.Lot of (8) FlowTek Ball Valves
Part No. B16 34 CL 600
Tag: 194218
Location: 5-G
10121P224.Lot of Assorted Components
Pin Ejectors
Long Bolt Ejection w/5" Lung ;Red Rimroc Spring Die
Uni-Chain 10' Chain
Hub Couplings
Tag: 193798
Location: 2-A7
10121P225.Lot of Assorted Components
Block Grippers
Uni-Chain 10' Chain
Connecting Collar Shot Rod
Ejection Cylinder
Tag: 193799
Location: 2-A8
10121P226.Lot of Assorted Components
Multiple Shot Rods
Spindle Flywheel Gripper
Tag: 193800
Location: 2-A10
10121P227.Heat Exchanger
Part No. S12-60-2B
Tag: 194401
Location: 2-D
10121P228.Lot of Assorted Components
Hex Head Inc. Grade 6 Screw Caps
Hardened Flat 1-1/4" Washers
7/8" Washer Locks
Coupling Sockets
Tag: 193801
Location: 2-A5
10121P229.Link Belt Speed Reducer
Part No. 01548822
Model No. H-5-500
Tag: 193802
Location: 2-A10
10121P230.Lot of (16) Flat Taper Conveyor Equipment
Part No. 0122111200008
Model No. 34EJ..126
Tag: 193831
Location: 2-A7
10121P231.Lot of Assorted Components
(9) Xomox Plug Valves Part No. SG41932, Size: 1/2"
Approx (20) FlowTeking Handles
Tag: 194220
Location: 5-C18
10121P232.Vent Wheel Fan Blade
Part No. DA-69RB1806-5-111
Tag: 193923
Location: 2-H
10121P233.Lot of (4) Assorted Components
(3) Pipe Couplings Part No. 601678
(1) Gear Reducer Part No. SK62-225SH/4
Tag: 193924
Location: 2-G
10121P234.Bottom Roll Drive Shaft
Part No. 99-003-3002
Tag: 193925
Location: 2-G
10121P235.Lot of (3) Emerson Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 299327-0020
150/180 Pressure
Tag: 194221
Location: 5-D7
10121P236.Vent Wheel Fan Blade
Part No. DA-69RB1806-5-111
Tag: 193926
Location: 2-G
Tag: 193927
Location: 2-G
10121P238.Drive Shaft
Part No. D96-365
200 HP
Tag: 193928
Location: 2-G
10121P239.Lot of (4) Emerson Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 299327-0020
150/180 Pressure
Tag: 194222
Location: 5-D10
10121P240.Calendar Drive Shaft Assembly
Part No. 99-003-2969
Tag: 193929
Location: 2-G
10121P241.Thermocompressor Assembly Probe
Part No. S04-LL-378 4
Tag: 193930
Location: 2-G
10121P242.V-Belt Pulley
Part No. HB31536800
Tag: 193931
Location: 2-H
10121P243.Lot of (4) Flowserve Valves
(3) Part No. 3-AKH2A-IIITC33INK, Size: 3"
(1) Part No. 4-T4E-11C11D133NQ-CM1106, Size: 4"
Tag: 194223
Location: 5-C14
10121P244.Propeller Assembly Agitator
Part No. 2956440100
Tag: 193932
Location: 2-G
10121P245.Filter Screen
Tag: 193933
Location: 2-G
10121P246.Dryer Paper Roll
Part No. 000067191
Tag: 193934
Location: 2-G
10121P247.Lot of (15) Xomox Plug Valves
Part No. SG41933
Type: XLB13A
Size: 3/4"
Tag: 194224
Location: 5-C17
10121P248.Lot of (2) Parker Hydraulic Cylinders
(1) Part No. FC4237 33 A 05.00 BB2HXCTS14A07
(1) Part No. 0360332
Tag: 193935
Location: 2-G
10121P249.Universal Drive Shaft
Part No. A97-260
Tag: 193936
Location: 2-G
10121P250.Mill Service Drive Shaft
Part No. A97-240 & A97-241
88.375" Long
Tag: 193937
Location: 2-G
10121P251.Lot of (10) Xomox Flow Valves
Part No. SG41936
Type: XLB12A
Size: 3"
Tag: 194225
Location: 5-C14
10121P252.Universal Assembly Drive Shaft
Part No. A96-744
Tag: 193938
Location: 2-G
10121P253.2019 Spxflow Mixer
Model No. 30VSA40
40 HP
Tag: 193939
Location: 2-G
10121P254.Baldor 150 HP Motor
Part No. 3G1F1435230454
150 HP
1800 RPM
Frame: 315SMC
Tag: 193940
Location: 2-G
10121P255.Lot of (18) FlowTek Ball Valves
Part No. FJ816
Model No. DN50-2"
Size: 2"
Tag: 194226
Location: 5-A7
10121P256.Warren Rotating Element
Tag: 193941
Location: 2-G
10121P257.Lot of (7) F/16 Bark Shredder w/Bark Bars
Part No. SA-100
Tag: 193942
Location: 2-G
10121P258.Chemineer Agitator
Part No. 11MRD
1 HP
68 RPM
Tag: 193943
Location: 2-H
10121P259.Lot of (8) FlowTek Ball Valves
Part No. FG890
Model No. DN40-1-1/2"
Size: 1-1/2"
Tag: 194227
Location: 5-A7
10121P260.Twin City Fan & Blower Winder Trim Blower Fan
Part No. RBP45SW1913-CWBAU
Tag: 193944
Location: 2-H
10121P261.Universal Drive Shaft
Part No. LC10619/LC13649 A96-746-747
Tag: 193945
Location: 2-H
10121P262.Drive Shaft
Part No. 0000607178
Tag: 193946
Location: 2-H
10121P263.Lot of (6) FlowTek Ball Valves
Part No. FG810
Model No. DN80-3"
Size: 3"
Tag: 194228
Location: 5-A7
10121P264.Gould Skid Mount
Tag: 193947
Location: 2-H
10121P265.Roller Housing
Tag: 193948
Location: 2-H
10121P266.Pipe Housing
Tag: 193949
Location: 2-H
10121P267.Lot of (13) FlowTek Ball Valves
Part No. FM839
Model No. DN65-2-1/2"
Size: 2-1/2"
Tag: 194229
Location: 5-A7
10121P268.Pull Stack Loading Roll Drive Shaft
Part No. A97-235
Tag: 194002
Location: 2-G
10121P269.Lot of (2) Butterfly Valves and (1) Manual Control Valve
Tag: 194052
Location: 5-C18
10121P270.Lot of (2) Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters
Part No. EJA 530A
Style: S2
10.5 - 42 VDC
Tag: 194044
Location: 5-M
10121P271.Lot of (2) ASCO Butterfly Valves w/Actuators
Part No. SP233 578-680-2162960
Tag: 194230
Location: 5-A8
10121P272.Lot of (1) Pipe Threader and (1) 4-Jaw Chuck
Tag: 194053
Location: 5-C11
10121P273.C&D Technologies ARE Series Battery Charger
Part No. MS03413
Model No. ARE130AC12F
Tag: 194054
Location: 5-C2
10121P274.Lot of (8) Assorted Hoses
Tag: 194055
Location: 5-B10
10121P275.Lot of (2) ASCO Butterfly Valves w/Actuators
Part No. SP233 578-680-2162960
Tag: 194231
Location: 5-A9
10121P276.Lot of (5) Hoses
Tag: 194056
Location: 5-B9
10121P277.A-Frame Lift
Tag: 194059
Location: 5-C Wall
10121P278.Lot of (5) Assorted Chains
(3) Transmission Type Roller Chains Part No. 406287, 3/4", Link Style: Riveted
(2) Power Transmission Chains Part No. 073037
Tag: 194060
Location: 5-B7
10121P279.Pump Casing
Part No. 144673014B
Tag: 194393
Location: 2-D
10121P280.Atlas Copco Mist Eliminator Filter
Part No. 1624503618
Model No. MLME-40
200 PSI
Tag: 194061
Location: 5-B3
10121P281.Atlas Copco Mist Eliminator Filter
Part No. 1624503618
Model No. MLME-40
200 PSI
Tag: 194062
Location: 5-B1
10121P282.Wire Fencing
Tag: 194064
Location: 5-B2
10121P283.Trunnion Ultra Flow Discharge Valve
Tag: 193392
Location: 2-E
10121P284.Veebee Standard 6"NB Gate Dual Strainer
Part No. A88W028781
425 PSIG
Tag: 194065
Location: 5-B5
10121P285.Lot of (4) Intakes 7 & 8 w/Ext Pipe and Tube
Part No. 1801-24
Tag: 194067
Location: 5-B5
10121P286.Shepard Niles Electric Capacity 1-1/2 Ton Hoist
Part No. DA1E3H2
1800/600 RPM
Speed: 21/7
Tag: 194069
Location: 5-M
10121P287.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 3-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106
Size: 3"
Tag: 194233
Location: 5-C17
10121P288.Lisega Constant Hanger & Assorted Components
Part No. 11 43 25
Tag: 194070
Location: 5-M
10121P289.Lot of (12) Diamond Power 7" Adapter Assemblies
Part No. A-15276D-072-2152 7801
Tag: 194148
Location: 5-A8
10121P290.Lot of (6) Fisher Pressure Regulators
Part No. 2527527
Type: 67DFR
250 PSI
Tag: 194149
Location: 5-B6
10121P291.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves
Part No. 3-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106
Size: 3"
Tag: 194234
Location: 5-C17
10121P292.Lot of (3) Diamond Power 7" Adapter Assemblies
Part No. A-15276D/072/21527801
Tag: 194150
Location: 5-A9
10121P293.Lot of Approx (30) ASH Flushing Nozzles
Part No. 251049
Model No. W2-C-25
Tag: 194151
Location: 5-A9
10121P294.Wilton Horizontal Bandsaw
Blade: 1" x .035" x 114.5"
Tag: 194153
Location: 5-M
10121P295.Lot of (11) Assorted Valves
(1) Flowserve Part No. 2-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106, Size: 2"
(4) Flowserve Part No. 1-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106, Size: 1"
(1) Xomox Plug Valve Part No. 6H1010, Type: XLB12A, Size: 1"
Tag: 194235
Location: 5-C17
10121P296.Shepard Niles Hoist
Part No. DA1E3H2
Tag: 194154
Location: 5-M
10121P297.Lot of (3) Yokogawa Components
(1) ADMAG AFX Magnetic Flowmeter Part No. 014-XW-FIT-5304, Model No. AXFA14C, Style: 1, 100-240V
(2) Dp Harp Transmitters Part No. JBS4G-412EB/FU7/D1/N4, Model No. EJA430E, Style: S1, 4-20V, 2300 PSI
Tag: 194155
Location: 5-M
10121P298.Lot of Assorted Coneyor Supplies
Tag: 194157
Location: 5-M
10121P299.Lot of (5) Flowserve Valves
(1) Part No. 3-AKH2A-111TC31NK, Size: 3"
(4) Part No. 2-T4E-11C11D033NQ-CM1106, Size: 2"
Tag: 194236
Location: 5-C17
10121P300.Lot of (2) Admag AXF Magnetic Flow Meters
Model No. AXF250C
Tag: 194158
Location: 5-M
10121P301.Lot of (3) Piston and Cylinder Components
Tag: 194159
Location: 5-M
10121P302.Lot of Assorted Components
67D Series Pressure Reducing Regulator
Swagelok Connectors
Tag: 194160
Location: 5-M
10121P303.Lot of (7) Xomox Plug Valves
Part No. 6H1010
Code No. SG41934
Type: XLB12A
Size: 1"
Tag: 194237
Location: 5-C17
10121P304.Lot of (6) Assorted Filtration Components
(4) Parker Filtration Elements Part No. 937399Q
(2) Ingersoll Rand Air Intake Filters Part No. 39903281
Tag: 194210
Location: 5-A7
10121P305.Lot of Assorted Components
Square D Circuit Breakers
Air Intake Filters
Butterfly Valve
Tag: 194211
Location: 5-C19
10121P306.Lot of (9) Assorted Components
(6) Fisher Pressure Reducing Regulators Part No. 67DF-2343-119232, 67D Series, 250 PSI
(3) ASCO Valves Part No. 8316G034, 10-150 PSI
Tag: 194213
Location: 5-B2
10121P307.Lot of (3) Assorted Valves
(2) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves Part No. 9638601R002, Size: 12"
(1) A-T Controls Butterfly Valve Part No. 316SST
Tag: 194270
Location: 5-N
10121P308.NWL Reactor
Model No. 29722
Tag: 194269
Location: 5-N
10121P309.Lot of Assorted Components
Nozzle Head Assembly
Plug Conductor Connectors
Contactor Box
Tag: 194274
Location: 5-N
10121P310.Alstom Power Wheel Deflector Fabrication Assembly
Part No. GPC3 1781-001
Tag: 194276
Location: 5-N
10121P311.Lot of (6) Assorted Valves
(2) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves Part No. 9672099, Size: 12"
(1) Keystone Series Butterfly Valve Part No. GRLD11NA1K, Size: 8"
(3) Velan Ball Valves Part No. 01413-SSEA-W330, Model: A
Tag: 194271
Location: 5-N
10121P312.Alstom Power Wheel Deflector Fabrication Assembly
Part No. GPC3 1781-001
Tag: 194277
Location: 5-N
10121P313.Fisher Controls Housing Unit
Type: DPA Body
Size: 12"
Tag: 194280
Location: 5-N
10121P314.Lot of Bracket Adapter Assembly Components
Mounting Flange Assembly
Analog Outputs
Feed Tubes
Tag: 194281
Location: 5-N
10121P315.Lot of (5) Assorted Components
(2) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves Part No. 9694009 R002, Size: 10
(3) Clarkson Valve Handles Part No. 11024758
Tag: 194272
Location: 5-N
10121P316.Lot of Assorted Components
Polyguard 12" x 10" x 6" Enclosures
Fabenco Z Series Gates
Tag: 194283
Location: 5-O
10121P317.Lot of Thermocouple Housings
Tag: 194288
Location: 5-O
10121P318.Lot of Thermocouple Housings
Tag: 194289
Location: 5-O
10121P319.Lot of (7) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 9682275R001
Size: 2"
Tag: 194273
Location: 5-N
10121P320.Sulzer Propeller Agitator
Part No. STGL-65 100E
Tag: 194404
Location: 2-E
10121P321.HAWS Combination Emergency Shower & Eye Wash
Part No. 0002081781
Model No. 8317CTFP(120V)/8317CTFP(220V)
Tag: 194291
Location: 5-O
10121P322.Lot of (2) Joint Expansion Bellows
Part No. 1727625
16"W x 14"L
Tag: 194292
Location: 5-O
10121P323.Lot of Assorted Valve Gasket Parts
Tag: 194275
Location: 5-N
10121P324.Lot of Assorted Components
Ball Valves
Coal Burner Ignitor Spark Plug
Electric Actuator
Tag: 194293
Location: 5-O
10121P325.Flowserve Bonnet Assembly w/.050 Locator Diameter
Part No. 01315074(6621105)
Tag: 194294
Location: 5-O
10121P326.Flowserve Bonnet Assembly
Part No. 00428036(437801)
Tag: 194295
Location: 5-O
10121P327.Dezurik Knife Gate Valve
Part No. 9680027R002
Size: 10"
Tag: 194278
Location: 5-N
10121P328.Lot of (6) Flowserve Disc Piston Valve Assemblies
Part No. 00981932-66211-03
Size: 24" x 20"
Tag: 194296
Location: 5-O
10121P329.Lot of (4) Assorted Components
(2) Hoffman Wall Mount Enclosures w/Motor Starter Assembly, Enclosure Part No. C-SD24166, Nema Motor Part No. 138992, 230/460/575V, Size: 1
(2) Midsouth Enclosures w/Motor Starter Assemblies, Nema Motor Part No. 2-E-63-A, 230/460/575V, Size: 1
Tag: 194297
Location: 5-O
10121P330.Lot of Assorted Components
Stem Type Assembly
Tag: 194298
Location: 5-O
10121P331.Dezurik Knife Gate Valve
Part No. 9680027R002
Size: 10"
Tag: 194279
Location: 5-N
10121P332.Lot of Assorted Components
Allen Bradley AC Drive
SKF Bearing Ball
Stem Valve
Tag: 194299
Location: 5-O
10121P333.Kockum Sonics Soot Blower Assembly
Includes: (5) Soot Blowers w/Ball Valve Assembly Part No. 2-E-55-A
Tag: 194300
Location: 5-O
10121P334.Kockum Sonics Soot Blower Assembly
Includes: (5) Soot Blowers w/Ball Valve Assembly Part No. 2-E-55-A
Tag: 194301
Location: 5-O
10121P335.Dezurik Knife Gate Valve
Part No. 9686796R001
Size: 10"
Tag: 194282
Location: 5-N
10121P336.Lot of Assorted Components
Rotary Roller
Shaft Bearing Assembly
Gear Housing
Tag: 194302
Location: 5-O
10121P337.Pipe Components
Tag: 194303
Location: 5-O
10121P338.Lot of (3) Copes Vulcan Wall Blower Gear Racks
Part No. 2-E-60-F
Tag: 194305
Location: 5-O
10121P339.Lot of (3) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 9680193R003
Size: 4"
Tag: 194284
Location: 5-O
10121P340.Lot of (3) Copes Vulcan Gear Boxes
Tag: 194306
Location: 5-O
10121P341.Lot of Assorted Components
Needle Valve
AccuTek Valve
Westbrook MFG NPI Tubes
Tag: 194308
Location: 5-O
10121P342.Lot of Assorted Components
Vega Puls 64 Radar Sensor
Flowserve Valve
Yokogawa Temperature Transmitter
Tag: 194352
Location: 5-O
10121P343.Lot of Assorted Valve Gasket Parts
Tag: 194285
Location: 5-O
10121P344.Lot of Assorted Components
Eaton Reversing Contactor
Knife Blockswitch
Rotary Rollers
Pneumatic Cylinders
Tag: 194353
Location: 5-O
10121P345.Valve Flange Assembly w/Grease Groove
Part No. W2-A-BAY-B
Tag: 194354
Location: 5-O
10121P346.C&D Technologies Battery Charger
Model No. ARE-M13025A
Series: ARE-M
Tag: 194357
Location: 5-O
10121P347.Lot of (5) Assorted Valves
(1) Pratt Flanged Butterfly Valve Part No. 1791759
(1) Dezurik Knife Gate Valve Part No. 969135SR001, Size: 4"
(1) Pratt Butterfly Valve Part No. DN150
(1) Dezurik Knife Gate Valve Part No. 9651268R002, Size: 10"
(1) Part No. 200W0G, Size: 6"
Tag: 194286
Location: 5-O
10121P348.C&D Technologies Battery Charger
Model No. ARE-M13025A
Series: ARE-M
Tag: 194356
Location: 5-O
10121P349.Valve Flange Assembly w/Grease Groove
Part No. W2-A-BAY-B
Tag: 194355
Location: 5-O
10121P350.Lot of (11) Assorted Components
(2) Pulverized Oil Drain Hoses Part No. W2-CF-3-D, 1.5"D x 50"L
(6) 2" Bottom Ash Nozzles Part No. W2-A-297
(3) Components
Tag: 194358
Location: 5-O
10121P351.Lot of (4) Assorted Valves
(2) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves Part No. 9672100R001, Size: 8"
(1) Dezurik Valve w/Cylinder, Valve Part No. 9672852R002, Size: 8", Cylinder Part No. G553A42/M0
(1) Velan Ball Valve Part No. F13E12
Tag: 194287
Location: 5-O
10121P352.ASH Slide Gate Door
Part No. 147463
32"W x 44"L
Tag: 194359
Location: 5-O
10121P353.Howden Roots Rotary Lobe Blower
721 DVJ Plugged IMP
Mfg. 2016
Tag: 194365
Location: 5-O
10121P354.Universal Drive Shaft
Part No. 101 81-09-181-181-7850-S
Tag: 194402
Location: 2-D
10121P355.Gearbox Rotary Valve
Part No. 1611474
Tag: 194304
Location: 5-O
10121P356.Lot of Assorted Components
KMP Valve
Grating Saddle
Tag: 194398
Location: 2-D
10121P357.Seal Kit
Tag: 194383
Location: 2-D
10121P358.Lot of (2) Assorted Components
Emerson Flow Element Part No. T050T6135QBAEZZZZ
Tag: 194400
Location: 2-D
10121P359.Lot of (4) Dezurik Knife Gate Valves
Part No. 9680194R001
Size: 6
Tag: 194307
Location: 5-O
10121P360.Lot of Assorted Components
Speed Reducer
Pipe Reducer
Tag: 194397
Location: 2-D
10121P361.Lot of (4) Assorted Components
(1) Sew Eurodrive Gearmotor Part No. 6 F01 011 300
(1) Eastomeric Raptor ES50 Element Part No. 017072
(1) Gould's Stuffing Box Part No. R254-70 1225
(1) Gould's Suction Sideplate Part No. 104-37-1203, 4 x 6, 4 x 10 - 16
Tag: 194382
Location: 2-D
10121P362.Lot of Assorted Hayward Valves
Tag: 194364
Location: 5-O
10121P363.Hydrofoil Screen
Part No. D070334-1
Tag: 194385
Location: 2-D
10121P364.American Industrial Repulper Heat Exchanger
Part No. STC-1248-3-6-TP
Tag: 194386
Location: 2-D
10121P365.Lot of (1) Heat Exchanger and (1) Pump
(1) Heat Exchanger Part No. 01483762, Model No. T5-MFG
(1) GNRL Pump Part No. 00008820960
Tag: 194388
Location: 2-D
10121P366.Ball Valve
Part No. 06-885-150-2110-0002N 6
Tag: 194384
Location: 2-D
10121P367.Lot of Assorted Components
Parker Pneumatic Cylinders
AB Kinetix Control Module
Proximity Switch
Tag: 194389
Location: 2-D
10121P368.Hydraulic Cylinder
Part No. 605287
Tag: 194391
Location: 2-D
10121P369.Lot of (4) Assorted Components
(1) Gates Fuel Master Hose Part No. 46881307, 100', 30.480m, 1-1/2"
(2) Parker Translite Truck Hoses Part No. 477, Series: 7216
Sparks Belt
Tag: 194392
Location: 2-D
10121P370.Lot of (2) Assorted Components
Flowserve Flanged Cast Iron Valve Plug Part No. 143, Size: 6
Tag: 194387
Location: 2-D
10121P371.Lot of (2) Couplings and (1) Gear Motor
(2) Disc Couplings Part No. TSE1-0500-0055-0048 RSBXRSB
(1) Sew Eurodrive Gear Motor Part No. R77 R37 DR6364, 266/460 Delta/Y Voltage, 1680/1.5 RPM
Tag: 194394
Location: 2-D
10121P372.Lot of (2) Grainger Condor Adjustable Safety Gate Guards
Part No. 31TT56
Tag: 194395
Location: 2-D
10121P373.Lot of Assorted Components
Polychain GT Carbon Belt
Gates Mutli Speed Belt
Magnetic Circuit Breaker
Filter Elements
Tag: 194396
Location: 2-D
10121P374.Flowserve Titanium Lawrence Pump/Pump Housing
Part No. 080-46978-000
Tag: 194390
Location: 2-D